Less Water.
Better Crops.
Perfect for
Farms Vineyard Dairy Crops


Better crops with
less water.

Powered by innovative resonance technology, EcoSolv water enhancer breaks down water cluster into smaller units, giving you the power to use water more efficiently.

Better Absorption. More Efficient.

EcoSolv can
Reduce at least
20% water consumption

By breaking down large cluster of water molecules, spray nozzles can flow better and shoot farther.

No more pooling of water on the ground, covering the same acre of land with much less water.

less scaling. No corrosion.

EcoSolv can
Eliminate corrosion of pipes.

EcoSolv removes mineral attached to the water cluster, reducing the chances of hard-water scaling, protecting the pipes from corrosion.

Less Fertiliser. Healthier Crops.

EcoSolv can
Reduce 20% fertiliser use.

With water cluster broken up, fertilizer can better mix with the water molecules.

With this, more fertilizer can reach the root of plant more effectively. Greatly reducing the use of fertiliser.

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