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Save Water. Better Crops.

Crops, Meet ecoSolv.

What is ecoSolv Water Enhancement ?

A Water Saving device for your farm.

ecoSolv Water Enhancement is an in-line water saving device that improve the wettability of water.
Water Saving

ecoSolv Water enhancement help shorten the duration of irrigation for at least 10%. From our experience with a California Lemon grower in areas with clay soil,have reported reduction in the duration of irrigation up to 28% with improved yield.

Reduced Scaling

ecoSolv Water Enhancement introduce a swirling effect to water entering the pipes. The swirling effect will wash away any scaling or organic debris which has accumulated within the system.

Reduce Soil Salinity.

Water treated by ecoSolv Water Enhancement releases accumulated mineral deposits in the pipes of the irrigation system. Treated water will loosen and dilute mineral deposits in soil. You will be able to see salt rings begin to disappear.

Improved Wettability

ecoSolv Water Enhancement improve wettability of water by reducing its surface tension via a swirling motion thorugh rare earth salt.

Sounds Good !

So How does it work?

Water tension is the HOW.

ecoSolv Water Enhancement introduce a swirling effect to water passing through. The effect will break apart water cluster which in turns reduce water tension. The process is known as structuring water which by reducing the surface tension, improving the wettablity of the water.

Bi-directional Flow

ecoSolv Water enhancement is bi-directional.

Plug & Play

ecoSolv Water Enhancement does not require any maintenance. Just lay it in-line with the pipe, above ground or below.

NOT a Magnet

We do not use magnet in the unit. Rare Earth Salt Beads are used to introduce swirling effect.

2 years warranty

ecoSolv Water Enhancement comes with 2 years warranty for your peace of mind.

Okay. What are your customers saying ?

Client Highlight

The Chad Anderson Farm

Central Valley, California, USA

The Chad Anderson Farm is a multi-crops fruit farm located in Central Valley, USA. Chad mainly grows lemon,citrus and various vegetables.The farm owner, Chad, has been using ecoWater since the year 2016.
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Farm Profile

Red Clay Based Soil

Soil Type

Fruits & Vegetables

Main Crops

481 Hectares (1300 acres)

Farm Size

25 hours duration, twice a week.

Watering Frequency


When I planted the saplings, they were only about 12 inches high. The lemon trees are already at the stage of a three year growth and producing lemon, in 12 months. Also, my soil has a lot of clay. As a result, I used to water them 25 hours at a time, twice a week. But now, I only water them for 18 hours , twice a week.

Chad Anderson | Owner of Chad Anderson Farm


28% Less Water Usage

Water Savings

50% less fertiliser

Fertiliser Savings

10% Better Yield

Lemon Harvested

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